19th Annual IFPA European Footbag Championships 2017 Aranjuez, Spain - May 25-28
19th Annual IFPA European Footbag Championships 2017Aranjuez, Spain - May 25-28

#eurofootbag2017 - An event rather than a tournament

For the second time in history, the European Footbag Championships will be hosted in Spain. And for the first time in history, they will take place in the beautiful city of Aranjuez.


This time, footbag will go public! We're bringing the sport back onto the streets where it will be seen by thousands of people every day, as we are an official part and main attraction of the city's annual festivities.


And the public will be involved - by organizing daily workshops and crowd activities we make footbag accessible to everyone. For this, we rely on all of you - Everyone Counts!


To help us with the preparation of this event, we kindly ask you to go ahead and register right now - This will help us immensely!

And there is something else - All registered players get free accommodation in one of our partner hotels during the event for 3 nights from Thursday through Saturday! 

Contact The Team



Arthur Ledain, EFC president:


contact for questions regarding schedule, event sites and workshops


Kerstin Anhuth, EFC vice president:

contact for questions regarding registration, volunteering, accomodation and travel directions

see who's registered

Freestyle Events
Alexander Trenner Dorota Wojtasiuk
Arthur Ledain Dorota Wojciechowicz
Dominik Šimků  Gosia Debska
Felix Vogelsanger Irene Ebermann
Flurin Bischoff

Paloma Puyol

Georg Nebehay  
Jakub Grabarczyk  
Libor Sofka  
Marco Hartig  
Matthias Schmidt  
Nico Gasser  
Pawel Nowak  
Pawel Rozek  
Sergio García  
Santeri Karvinen  
Tuomas Riisalo  
Vasek Klouda  
Wiktor Debski  


Open Doubles Net
Andreas Wolff / Eurik Lindner
Arthur Ledain / Karim Daouk
Chris Löw / Yassin Khateeb
Eduardo Frenzel Martinez / Darwins Chipy Mora
Felix Ostwaldt need partner
Julien Coblence Quentin Isackson
Louis Marchadier / need partner
Pawel Rozek / Jakub Grabarczyk
Radoslav Rusev Sébastian Maillet
Rosen Kurta / Ivan Stanev
Silwan Daouk need partner
Simon Voss / Manuel Kruse
Tammo Rockel / Benjamin Kanske
Wiktor Debski Wojtek Jamski
Tuomas Riisalo / Santeri Karvinen
Yves Mingard Renato Zülli


Women Doubles Net
Audrey Tumelin need partner
Gosia Debska need partner
Kerstin Anhuth Shirine Daouk
Tanja Abt Yulia Klouda



Mixed Doubles Net
Andreas Wolff need partner
Arthur Ledain / Teodora Angelova
Eurik Lindner need partner
Felix Ostwaldt Heike Koller
Grischa Tellenbach / Audrey Tumelin
Julien Coblence need partner
Karim Daouk Shirine Daouk
Manuel Kruse need partner
Radoslav Rusev Plamena Ivanova
Rosen Kurta need partner
Tammo Rockel need partner
Wiktor Debski / Gosia Debska
Yassin Khateeb / Kerstin Anhuth
need partner / Tanja Abt
need partner / Yulia Klouda



Open Singles Net
Andreas Wolff Pawel Rozek
Benjamin Kanske Radoslav Rusev
Darwins Chipy Mora Rosen Kurta
Eduardo Frenzel Martinez Santeri Karvinen
Eurik Lindner Silwan Daouk
Felix Ostwaldt Tammo Rockel
Jakub Grabarczyk Wiktor Debski
Julien Coblence Yves Mingard
Karim Daouk  
Louis Marchadier  


Women Singles Net
Audrey Tumelin  
Gosia Debska  
Kerstin Anhuth  
Tanja Abt  
Yulia Klouda  


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